Fun at Pre-Production with Andy Baker

So last Sunday (27th of January) we met up with Andy Baker (Musicbox Media and Fandangle) and started laying down some pre production tracks for our upcoming album “Escape from everything”

Pre production is a chance to look back at the songs that have been written and pull them apart, try new ideas and get a general idea of how everything is going to sound

We set up in the drama hall of the school that Iain works at in the morning. It did feel abit strange setting up drums, amps and a pa in a school on a Sunday but also kinda fun.

We started off warming up and getting levels right with our version of the final countdown (sorry that’s not going on the album) we then started going through all 11 tracks. We had sent Andy a live recording of each track before hand and he had made notes of ideas that he had. These generally consisted and extra little horn twiddles (the technical term) or extra bits of phrasing.

He had brought with him a big 24 track desk and we had this hooked up to Charlies pa so that we could listen back to different ideas and see how they felt.

We finished the day with me (Mewis) and Charlie laying down a guide track to a click that we will be able to use when recording the drums as a helpful guide as to where we are in a song.

After packing up Andy then at home did a small mix of the tracks we recorded there for us to listen back to which has got us all very excited about what this album is going to sound like

Overall it was a very successful day and we cant wait to share the results with our fans.



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