Album Update

So turns out, writing an album is hard! Who’d have thought it?

This is definitely the biggest thing I’ve done musically. I never thought I would ever end up doing a full length album as I’ve never really been confident enough in my song writing capabilities. With the other bands I’ve been in previously I either wasn’t the main song writer or I would get to the halfway point and then just do an EP.

We’re currently at that half way point and i’m resisting the temptation to just put out another long EP. We have seven songs we’re all incredibly happy with and proud of and a few more in the works. If you’ve seen us at all this year, you would have heard at least one of the songs as it’s not been out of the set since we wrote it in January and if you came to one of the shows on the tour, we played four of the seven new songs at most of the shows.

We have gone a little harder with these songs than we did for Outgunned. Musically and lyrically. There are political points to be made, as well as issues we see in the underground music industry that need to be addressed. But despite being a bit harder hitting they’re still wrapped up in that bouncy Codename Colin sound. With seven songs down, it’s now a task to write four or five more songs that are different to what we already have but still sounding like us.  We’ll get there soon and we should be starting pre production work in January if all goes well!

I’ll keep you all updated with my ramblings as we go and Luke should be doing a bit of video work too so you might catch a few snippets here and there of some new stuff!

Thanks for reading!


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