What An Amazing Tour

Never in a million years would I have thought our first tour would be such a success. We decided to put this tour together after SlamDunk, knowing that people all over the country voted for us, but only the ones going to the Hatfield day got to see us play. We knew it would be a gamble and that it wouldn’t be easy but it definitely paid off, so thank you to anyone who came to a show, we really appreciate the support.

Firstly I just want to thank everyone that put up with me being a nervous wreck in the lead up to this. All my family, my girlfriend and the other guys. Doing this tour completely DIY did stress me out a hell of alot and I spent most of the month before panicking that no one was going to buy a ticket and thinking that we had bitten off more than we could chew.

Out of the 8 shows, only 1 involved a promoter, for the other 7, Aside from Royston which our dude James booked after the Stevenage gig fell through, we booked them directly with the venue. We promoted, we booked support bands, we ran sound for half of them, we ran doors ourselves, we handed out flyers in town centres before shows, I drove the van myself, basically anything we could do ourselves, we did. It was alot of hard work and for it all to pay off in the end was truly amazing. I hardly slept and spent the last 3 days living off throat sweets, so by the time we finished the last show I was well and truly exhausted. And quite unwell!

Every show was brilliant to play for different reasons, Northampton was just a great start, and getting to see Lead Shot Hazard again after so long was ace. Hemel’s show was just ridiculous. We’ve played a couple of really busy shows in Hemel over the last two years but never sold out before the day, selling out two weeks before was mad! The fancy dress outfits were fantastic and to have so much energy still after Silo 18 and Saving Sebastian had smashed it was incredible.

Sheffield was a strange one. The PA system was a mess of leads going all over the place with dodgy plug sockets and all sorts. Mew managed to work everything out and somehow get everything plugged in the right way and also duct taping plugs together so they didn’t move slightly and lose all power. It was a bit of a miracle that show happened, and if it wasn’t for Mew, it wouldn’t have. They also managed to lock us in the car park after too so that was fun! But for all that, it is a great place. A volunteer run venue helping out the homeless is a great and much needed thing, so if you’re in Sheffield, go stick your head into the Foodhall, see what they have going on and give them some support.

Leeds was outstanding and definitely my favourite show of the week. Everyone friendly and chatty beforehand and then went nuts for our show. This is where I probably over done it, my throat started to get a bit rough and by the time we got to Liverpool I was going through a few too many throat sweets. Liverpool was a great show, although the quietest of the tour. It was hard to compete with everyone’s Halloween plans and in hindsight we should have probably taken the day off. Special mention to the beer selection at Outpost 😉

The next couple of days our favourite band joined us to support. Last Edition. Go check them out if you haven’t, we love playing shows with these guys and their album Best Foot Forward is always in the van for long drives. They smashed it in Royston and Bicester and I was hoping to have a good party with them in London the next day but I woke up on Saturday feeling like death. After our set at New Cross I managed a bit of a dance to them before having to hide away a bit and try not to be sick on people!

The New Cross show was a bit special. Ever since our first gig there Paul from BeSharp promotions has been so supportive, and also comparing us to [Spunge]. I think we found our own sound after a couple of shows there and lost the Spunge comparison but he’d always promised that one day, he would book them, and that we would play that show. He not only kept that promise but also on a show supporting another one of my favourite bands, Fandangle. Despite feeling like I did, I made sure I watched as much of those two bands from the side as I could, and after all this time, those two bands can make you feel like a kid again. Amazing show and one I won’t soon forget!

So that’s it for us now, we’ve had an amazing year but now it’s time to relax a bit and work on some new things. There will be an update soon about what our plans are going forward so keep an eye out for that.

Massive thank you to all the bands we played with over the 8 days, you were all amazing.

Big shouts to all these people

Tristan for lending us the van
Duncan for all your help in Northampton
Liz at the Rose for always letting us make a noise in the back room
All the volunteers at Foodhall
Sophie and Emily from Leeds for always commenting on and sharing all our posts. NORTH!
The dudes at Outpost for being rad.
James for saving the Royston show
Aimee at The Bell for always being so supportive and putting us on
The BeSharp crew!
Teddy Rocks Sam for the video and coming all the way to Hemel, and then Liverpool too!
Emma for the posters
Snowy and Iain’s families for being the best hosts
David for letting us steal his living room for the night
Mel for being awesome and putting up with my shit
My dad, for also putting up with my shit
And anyone that came to a show, and/or told a friend to check us out, we love you!

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