Facebook is dying and we still need your help!

OK Facebook isn’t going to die anytime soon, but Facebook Pages just might be on their way to doing a MySpace.

Recently I put a post up on our Facebook page urging people to comment, with a little story of how you found out about us or a gig you’ve been too,  to help boost our online reach. A lot of you did and it worked to a degree, so thank you.

We’re still in a pickle though.

This year Facebook changed how it’s news feed works. Plenty of people have noticed it but not many thought about how to deal with it, or actually make it show you the things you want to see, rather than the 25 people it’s chosen for you to see. For young aspiring musicians, artists, photographers and creators it has become a bit of a nightmare, an expensive one at that.

Without pumping huge sums of money into Facebook advertising, it’s a huge challenge to get anything we post seen. We try and keep things engaging and interesting but we don’t want to, and can’t afford to spend all our money advertising.

If you see our posts online, stick a comment on it, anything, even if it’s for a show you can’t make it to, or a CD you already own, and do that for all the small bands you like too. Not only will it help other people then see our posts, frankly it will keep our spirits up if we know that people are paying attention to us! Also a little tip to get round the 25 people thing, on the occasion that you see something from a friend or page you don’t normally get to, just have a little check to see whether you are actually following them too, and click the See First option if it’s a page that you’re interested in. It’s not always automatic it seems.

As you know we are doing a short tour of the UK, starting in a couple of weeks and whilst ticket sales have been good, we still need help getting the word out in the cities we’ve not visited before. So if you are one of the lovely folk that have bought tickets, get your friends involved, share the posters or the event pages online, this all works better if we work together. Be more than a fan, be part of the family, we couldn’t do a much without you, but we could do a great deal more with a little bit of help.

Thank you and we’ll see you soon!


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