New Album Coming Soon!

So soon can mean anytime between now and 2020 right?

I thought i’d give a little update of how everything is going, and what our general plan is and why we’re writing this album.

We started writing odd bits and pieces way back in January before Sam went back to Sheffield after his Christmas break, but in between recording the track and shooting the video for 1985 we didn’t have a great deal of time and only ended up writing one full song, Kelly’s Missing. Even then the lyrics were a bit rushed and have since been changed. With our incredibly busy gigging schedule this year we didn’t really get a great deal more done but that song did make it straight into our live set and has become a bit of a favorite it seems.

So around May or June, we all sat down to decide what we wanted to do, whether we wanted to do another mini album of 7 or 8 songs, or a short 4 song EP or go all out and write a full length album. I was a bit torn myself, knowing an album would be a lot more work than I’ve ever put into a release and also with how the music industry has adapted it just doesn’t seem like a logical idea, with EP’s or just lots of singles seeming to be better options. With singles or a few EP’s you can build momentum and make sure any followers that might forget about you get a nudge every other month with something new. But it’s an album right? Most of us are of that age where we grew up with stacks of plastic cases,  listening to our favorite albums in our rooms, on our small box  Cassette/CD players or big chunky hi-fi systems. There was no instant music downloads, not until later anyway, and even then it could take a day to download a virus ridden file from LimeWire. An album was cool, and to us, it still is cool. So we decided on that. The fact Call Me Malcolm, Popes of Chillitown and New Town Kings also put out absolutely brilliant albums this year also helped sway our decision.

Onto the plan.

At the end of August we started writing more and so far have 8 songs that are between fifty to ninety percent there. As far as style of songs go, we’re working very hard on keeping it different to the songs on Outgunned, but still with that Codename Colin sound and so far I think we’ve been pretty spot on with it. We’re hoping to have these songs ready to demo before our tour next month (Don’t forget to grab your ticket! and then continue to write throughout November and demo in December. Now as far as recording it goes, we do have a budget, but are considering a crowdfund sort or thing. We’d like to know what you think about this so please do comment and let us know. We’re thinking of a pre order thing, pay for the album up front which would give us the funds to then go on and record it at a higher quality and at will be on your doorstep a couple of weeks before release. We would also do a few other additional things but they would all start with that. Let us know!

We’re hoping to start recording early next year, with a single video early spring, release the album shortly after and then get back to gigging like mad, as that’s where the fun really is, at the shows!

So yeah, that’s the plan! Let us know what you think, and we’ll keep you updated as we go.

Thanks! See you on tour!


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